Haryana Government has decided to change the name of Gurgaon to Gurugram. It will become  full decision  after the Central Government approves the name.

The reason for the change  mentioned is that it is the place where Dronacharya taught Kauravas and Pandavas and that this village was gifted to him. Hence Gurugram. The paper reports indicate strong opposition to the move. They want the millennium city to continue with its brand name Gurgaon. Opposition seems to be very strong.

It has been pointed out that according to the Mahabharata,  Dronacharya refused to teach Ekalavya on the ground that he was a dalit and demanded chopping of his finger, when he found out that Ekalavya was learning archery chanting Guru’s name.

Congress government changed the famous Connaught Place to Rajiv Chowk. But the people still use the name Connaught Place and not Rajiv Chowk. Will Gurgaon will continue Gurgaon, despite the name change to Gurugram? Most probably so.

Change of Calcutta to Kolkata, Bombay to Mumbai and Madras to Chennai was on the persistent demand of the people and they have taken the name to change to their hearts. But ‘Gurgaon’ to ‘Gurugram’ seems to be lacking the support of the people.