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The policies of LDF government led by  CPI(M) and  UDF Government led by the Congress in Kerala as far as PSUs are concerned is very clear to the people. While the election campaign is going on in Kerala, the differences in dealing of the PSUs by the two fronts are being discussed.

During the LDF government, all the state PSUs become profitable and improves their functioning with the full support of the government. But in UDF rule, the PSUs are strangulated and made loss-making. They are destroyed to help the private companies.

A look in to the profit and loss of the PSUs during LDF and UDF governments given below establishes the above truth. These statistics are published by the State Public Sector and Autonomous Bodies Officers Federation( SPATO).

UDF GOvt. (2001-2006)  – Average Loss Rs. 213.74 crore per year.

LDF Govt. (2006-2011)   – Average Profit Rs. 292.45 crore per year

UDF Govt. (2011-2016)  – Average Loss  Rs. 645.96 crore per year

LDF Government has to come to save the state PSUs.