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Bonus has been denied to the BSNL employees for the last 3-4 years on the plea that the company is in loss. Bonus is the right of workers. It is deferred wage and can not be denied on one plea or another. The Central Government employees, P and T employees etc. got Bonus after prolonged struggles starting from the Bonus Convention in 1972 organised by the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers led by Coms. K.G.Bose, A.S.Rajan, N.J.Iyer, K.Adinarayana and other leaders. The great Railway Strike of 1974 clinched the issue. Though the Congress government continued to deny Bonus despite strong struggles, the favourable decision came after the Janata Government came to power in 1977. Since then, the central government employees are getting Bonus, including telecom employees. After formation of BSNL, on the demand of the BSNL Employees Union for “Bonus for All”, executives also started getting bonus.

BSNL is getting revived after much effort on the part of the workers and the management. Workers have to be motivated for further progress.

BSNL Management should take the correct decision by granting at least the minimum Bonus of Rs. 7,000, which it paid earlier. Further revival, more bonus can be paid. Any decision to fool the workers by throwing down some crumbs will have only strong reaction. We demand the management to be wise and take the correct decision.