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BSNL is on the revival path after a weak performance for 4-5 years. It has increased its wireless connections systematically during the last few months at an accelerated rate of 1.41% putting Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea behind in increase of numbers. BSNL market share has been increased to 8.16% from the earlier 8.06%. However, BSNL has to much improve its revival package to compete with the private companies:

As per the TRAI report for December 2015, the statistics are as below:

I. Land Line Sector

First position BSNL with 59.31% market share.

II. Wireless Sector

  1. Bharti Airtel : 24.07%
  2. Vodafone     : 19.15%
  3. Idea            :  17.01%
  4. Reliance      :    9.98%
  5. Aircel          :    8.47%
  6. BSNL          :    8.16%

III. Broadband

  1. Bharti Airtel  : 23.07%
  2. Vodafone      : 18.98%
  3. Idea             : 15.54%
  4. BSNL            : 14.54%

Both the BSNL Management, the Unions and the workers have to make maximum efforts to improve the financial position of BSNL as also the service to the customers. It is not as simple and easy as telling. The main obstruction is the anti-PSU policy of the government which refuses to assist BSNL and even deny the financial dues to be paid by Government. Now the BSNL Management and Unions have initiated the ‘Service With A Smile’ (SWAS) programme, which has improved the BSNL position. But still, BSNL is far behind, except in the Landline sector, where it is still in the leading position with about 60% market share. The strategy should be to maintain and improve its position in Landlines and improve in the other sectors.

Let us make the ‘SWAS’ campaign a great success through dedicated and efficient work and save BSNL and its workers.