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Left parties today, 28th November 2015,  accused ruling BJP of “kowtowing” to the diktats of international finance capital and also hit out at the major NDA constituent, saying it is “totally devoid” of anti-imperialist content of national struggle for freedom as it never participated in it.
The parties alleged that divisive and anti-democratic policies pursued by BJP are ones which “suit” the interests of international finance capital, and asserted the fight against economic exploitation should be combined with struggle against all types of authoritarian forces, which too help imperialists.
“In India today, we have a situation, where, the ruling classes, now represented by BJP in power, are kowtowing to the dictates of international finance capital. Since they never participated in the national struggle for freedom, they are totally devoid of its anti-imperialist content,” CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury alleged.
Yechury made the remarks here during the inaugural session of a two-day seminar ‘Alternative to Global Capitalist Offensive: Asia’s Response’ organised by CPI as part of its events lined up to celebrate 90th year of its foundation.