On 12th November 2015 workers in Greece as peer the call of their united trade union PAME against the anti-worker policies of the Government. The call given by PAME is given below:

November 12th we are going to strike!

Everyone in the path of strike!
We Go Massively activist National General Strike!
· We say no to the destruction of social security
· No house in the hands of bankers! Block auctions!
· No more tax-flight! Down with taxes!
· No to layoffs! We demand immediate action for the protection of the unemployed!
· Not to salaries hungry! No minimum wage worker, or without a collective contract
Social Security!
· Collect all losses NOW! Recovery of wages and pensions to their previous,
higher levels! Cancelling all the anti worker, anti-social security laws!
· Fight against privatization, against the delivery of public wealth to the company
groups. Against the consequences that these developments mean, who can be against
workers with the intensification of exploitation and layoffs, with higher prices for
Popular families in electricity, water, transport, communications, the necessary products.

We completely supports and extends solidarity to the struggle of Greek Workers.