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It is reported in today’s newspapers that a Rs.27 crore have been recovered from a raid by the CBI from the house of a contractor of “Neer” (drinking water) being supplied to the Railway. It is estimated by the CBI that he has made about Rs. 500 crore from the contract during the last 10 years, during which period he was supplying more than 70% of the “Neer” bottle water required for the passengers travelling in the Railways. The contractor had close connection with high officers and ministers. He has floated many companies for getting the tender. It is also mentioned that the contractor was selling the bottle water for Rs. 15/- while he purchased the same at Rs.6/- per bottle and the water was not purified as required.

This raises two very important questions.How and why the Railway department was allowing the contractor to cheat the people both on the price and the hygienic condition of the water? Who are all onnected with this big scam?

Immediate action is required and the guilty, however high they may be, should be brought to book. This is an issue of the health of crores of people who travel in the railways and believe about the quality of the water and drink it.