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The  Communist Party of India was formed in Tashkent on 17th October 1920. This 17th October 2015 is the 95th anniversary of the historic day. It was formed in a foreign country due to the special circumstances of the times, when India was under British Rule and any move for a Communist Party will be crushed. In fact it happened after the formation. Most of the leading Communists in India were arrested and charged with sedition against the government and criminal conspiracy and were punished and sent to jail for many years. Peshawar, Kanpur and  Meerut Conspiracy Cases are some of these.

The communists used the court hearings to express their views ina very effective way and thoroughly exposed the British imperialism and its rule in India. These statements in the court are parts of the history of the Communist Party.

While CPI(M) takes the position that the Communist Party of India was formed on 20th October 1920, the CPI is taking the position that it was formed in September 1925.  Both the parties agree that the formation took place in foreign soil, with the support of the Communist Party of Soviet Union after the great 1917 October Revolution.

The formation of the Communist Party of India had positive impact on  the freedom struggle and events afterwards.