The released files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose do not give any clear proof, whether he died in the air crash or lived for many years more. But one fact has come clear that the family of Bose was continuously spied and snooped upon. We can understand if the British  Government has done it. But the government of free India continued this spying is completely unacceptable. The government should apologise for the same.

The next question is why the government was snooping? Was the Nehru government afraid of the revolutionary Bose coming back? Whether the government wanted to try Bose for treason as was the case with the other INA leaders?

These are questions the people of the country want to know as also whether any conspiracy was there between the Indian Government and the British Government ?

It is imperative and urgent that the Central Govt. also should release the Netaji Files , which will contain more information than what is released by the  W.Bengal government.

We sympathise with the Bose family who were given a raw treatment by the government.