Workers’ Struggle Against new Economic Policies – National Convention on 10th May 1992

The new liberal economic policies of the government with its Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation programmes were being implemented with out any consideration of adverse effects on the workers and the common people.

The National Convention of Trade Unions Against Economic and Industrial Policies held at Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi on 10th May 1992 under the auspices of the National Trade Unions and participated by Confederation of CG Employees & Workers, Federations, Associations and Unions of various industries  etc. adopted a resolution calling upon the workers through out the country to join the All India Strike on 16th June 1992. The  Convention also called upon all democratic and patriotic sections of people to support the mass action of the workers to safe-guard the sovereignty of the nation. Telecom workers actively participated in the convention.

Further Attack on E-III Union – Bombay Meeting called by NFTE

There was no respite on the attack on E.III Union by NFTE and government/DOT. In his capacity as the SG NFTE, OP Gupta issued a notice for a meeting of the E-III Circle secretaries  to be held at Bombay from 3rd to 5th June 1992, with the agenda “Resolving the dispute on E-III and if necessary hold election for CHQ”. Situation went to the extreme and the conspiracy  was exposed when DOT through its letter dated 05-05-1992 asked O.P.Gupta, SG NFTE to intervene in E.III Union by invoking Art. 25© of the Union Constitution.

The disruptors thought that they will be able to smash the new E.III leadership by this black strategy. But once again, they were in the wrong. E.III Assistant General Secretary Com. M.N.Reddy moved the Hyderabad High Court against the illegal meeting. The Hon’ble High Court of Vacation, Civil Judge, City Civil Court, Hyderabad in its order dated 28-05-92 stayed the illegal meeting notified by OPG.

At the same time another interim order was got issued by Calcutta High Court restraining the authorities (DOT) from giving any effect to the purported decision of non-acceptance of Com.Moni Bose as the elected general secretary of the E.III Union by DOT as well as the illegal Bombay meeting called.

Thus once again, the game of the disruptors to destabilize the militant E.III Union was defeated. Both the DOT and the disruptors stood disgraced.

E.III Office Bearers’ Meeting on 1-2 June 1992

A meeting of the office-bearers of E.III Union was held on 1-2 June 1992, which decided to organize massive dharnas on 15th July 1992 demanding recognition of Com. Moni Bose as General Secretary.

Moni Bose, GS, addressed a letter dated 06-07-1992 to OPG as SG NFTE asking him to accept the democratic decisions and to end the disruption of E.III Union. Mentioning the disruptive actions taken by SG NFTE one after another, Moni Bose demanded him to put an end to the anti-worker, anti-union activities. He further appealed to SG “ to honour the democratic verdict of the highest forum of the union- the AIC at Bhopal and extend co-operation so that the elected office-bearers can serve the cause of the membes for a full tenure”. But, unfortunately, all these went in to deaf years.

Despite clear court orders, OPG continued with the fake list with M.B.Vichare as General Secretary. Further the three posts of Members of the Departmental Council were denied to the duly elected office-bearers. Not a single post of JCM members was allotted to E.III office-bearers. (To be continued)