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The government has recently issued orders upgrading the cities as per the 2011 census report as also on other grounds including urban agglomeration and granted HRA accordingly. BSNL and other central PSU employees are deprived of the same, since the criterion for the PSUs based on population only and not all the criterias as eligible for CG Employees. This is a gross discrimination. For example in the recent orders, Ahmedabad and Pune are upgraded as “X” class Cities (former “A” class ), while this status is denied for the BSNL employees for grant of HRA. In the same way there are many cities upgraded to “Y” class( former “B” class)  for CG employees, while not for the BSNL employees.

This discrimination should end. The government should declare all these upgraded cities are applicable for increased HRA for BSNL employees also as in the case of CG Employees.  The wages of the contract workers also should be increased on the same basis in these upgraded cities.