It seems that certain manias of government never end. It is now about Voluntary Retirement Scheme in BSNL and MTNL. While VRS was implemented thrice in MTNL, the staff unions in BSNL strongly opposed it and never allowed VRS to take place in the company. Every time, the government had to go back on the scheme due to the mighty opposition and struggles of the unions under the leadership of the Forum, the umbrella organisation.


Once again, the central government, now NDA is taking the old proposal from its store. The proposal as per press reports  target  about 70,000 – 1,00,000 employees in BSNL. We have told and proved with examples in other PSUs, that VRS always have been bad for the service and the PSU itself. But a government, which is pro-private and is not interested in the growth of PSU,  may again try to implement VRS, making it a CRS (Compulsory Retirement Scheme).

The government is to be told emphatically, that the BSNL employees and their unions will never allow any  VRS in BSNL which is against the interest of the workers, the service and the country itself.