The construction workers of Jammu & Kashmir working in organized and unorganized sector will go on one day National Strike  on 1st June, 2015 on the call given by Construction Workers Federation Of India (CWFI) affiliated with CITU for the demands such as proper implementation of All India Building and Construction Workers Act in all states, Enroll all the Construction Workers, Brick kiln workers, quarry workers, and stone Crushing Workers, in state welfare Board, Ensure representation for CITU in Tripartite State Welfare Boards, Increase the existing welfare benefits substantially, No diversion of board funds to other purpose, increase pension to Rs. 2000/- per month and reduce age of pension eligibility for women to 55 years, allotment of more funds for infrastructure and development works by both the governments, do not liberalize FDI in construction sector, Govt. should take steps to reduce the prices of construction materials like cement, steel, paints etc., Ensure housing for construction workers, Implement RSBY and increase the limit of medical benefit from Rs. 30,000/-, All India Identity Cards (Smart Cards) to be issued to the migrant workers, Minimum wages for unskilled workers Rs. 15000/-, Registration of worker within a week, early disposal of all claims of registered workers, Stop corruption in welfare board. It was decided in a meeting of state committee of CITU presided over by Sham Prasad Kesar, Sr. Leader of CITU  held at 27-A Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, other attended the meeting were Om Prakash, General Secretary, Jagdish Sharma, Ramesh Chand, Raj Kumar etc.