Many comrades spoke to me and wrote stating that the recent schemes of the BSNL, like free calls in the night from BSNL land lines, have resulted in a good flow of applications for new land line connections. However, BSNL is not equipped to provide these connections due to shortage of cables, telephone equipment, drop wire etc. They told that a great opportunity is being missed. BSNL employees have no other way but to apologise to the applicants, stating that there are no equipment.

How to improve the situation? The BSNL Management at all levels should be approached for providing equipment immediately.

In case, the equipment ate not made available by the management as required, the workers can not sit idle and accept the same saying it is the fate. The workers and their unions/associations have to act and act immediately.

What is to be done? Give wide publicity among the people through Press Release, pamphlet etc. that the connections are unable to be given due to shortage of equipment and the management is not providing the same even after request. Meet / address to the MLA, MP, Municipal Corporation / Panchayat, NGOs, prominent citizens, Central trade unions, other service organisations and make the same a very big issue. Utilise every opportunity to focus the issue among the people. This will certainly create a situation  where the management will be compelled to act.  This is a method successfully utilised against victimisation and other issues in Kerala Circle earlier. This will get support from the people and will also raise the status of the workers amongst the public and customers.

Start from today. The result will come tomorrow!