Next meeting of the National Council of BSNL is scheduled to be held on 15th May 2015. It is more than  7 months since the last meeting had been held on 25th September 2014. This is undue and unusual delay and is untenable.

BSNL Management has to understand that the negotiating machinery is put in to discuss and settle the justified and reasonable demands of the employees. Delay in holding the meeting gives a wrong signal, which is to be avoided.

In the same way, despite many reminders from Corporate Office of BSNL, the Works Committee Meetings at SSAs, between the Management and Unions on development and expansion of services etc., have not taken place in many places. These are to be held in all SSAs, in time, especially when the workers are on a campaign to improve the services to the customers.

The efficiency and discipline are not only for the workers, they are a must for the Management also.