It is surprising and unusual! The 2.25 lakh employees in BSNL are on a complete strike for two days from today, 21st April. The demands mainly pertain to the domains of  Government and DOT. The Notice for the strike given was postponed twice so that sufficient time will be available to discuss and settle. The Notice for the strike from 21st April was given six weeks back as per rules.

But so far neither the Secretary, DOT nor the Communications Minister did find time to call the Forum of Unions/Associations for a meeting before the strike. Yesterday it was informed that a meeting is fixed with Secretary DOT on 25th April, ie. after the strike.

The Officers and the Minister, who have got sufficient time to meet the captains of Industry and heads of corporates umpteen times during this period, are unable to meet their own workers and their representatives. Is this the good governance that we are promised? Our earlier experience in BSNL was different. When such strike issues came, both the Secretary, DOT as well as Communications Minister called us and discussed the issues. Why this policy change?

However, whether meeting or no meeting, the workers will continue their sustained struggle to save BSNL. It is our bread and butter and we are in the middle of a ‘Do or Die’ battle. Go out to the people and get their support. They are your real support which ensure your victory.