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Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Communications Minister has stated that he will not allow BSNL to die and all support will be given for its revival. He can do one thing immediately.

It is the refund of the amount of BWA spectrum which BSNL has surrendered to DOT two years back. BSNL had paid a total of  Rs. 18,500 crore to the Government  for both 2G and BWA spectrum. Out of this BWA spectrum worth about Rs. 6,700 crores has been returned back and it was assured by the government that this amount  will be refunded. Though it is more than two years, the government is keeping the money with them without refund.

In the same way, an amount of Rs. 1,250 crore has already been allotted to BSNL for 2012-13 from USOF in lieu of ADC, but that also has not been paid for no reason at all.

BSNL is  in financial difficulty to purchase equipment urgently required for expansion and development.  The Government should immediately disburse these amounts to BSNL for the above purposes.

As stated above, Communications Minister can ensure that these amounts are paid to the BSNL immediately so that it can purchase equipment.