Dangerous  Signal – BSNL Market Share at 8.62% in December 2014, the lowest ever.

The warning bell has been rung. The market share of BSNL in mobile has gone down to the lowest ever of 8.62%! It means that more than 91 % is under the control of the private companies, both Indian and foreign.

Despite the Save BSNL Campaign by the entire workers and their unions and Associations, this dangerous situation has come. In the mobile sector, BSNL lost 12,36,909 connetions in one month between  Dec.14 – Jan.15. At present it has got only 8.01 crore connections whereas the leader Bharti Airtel has got 22.00 crore. 1,32,535 landlines has been lost in the same period and the remaining landlines are 1.68 crore.

The market share of each circle in the mobile sector as on 31-12-2014 is given below, which is as per the satement of the Minister in the Parliament on 13th March 2015.

Kerala (21.67%), H.P.(18.86%), North East (14.97%), Haryana (14.11%) A.P & Telengana ( 14.08%), J&K (13.93%), Odisha (12.73%), T.Nadu & Chennai (12.36%), Karnataka (11.77%), Punjab (10.31%), UP East(10.03%), Assam (7.77%),Maharashtra, Goa(7.07%), UP West, Uttarakhand (6.80%), Rajasthan, M.P., Chhattisgarh (6.51%), Gujarat(5.59%),Bihar, Jharkhand (4.51%), W.Bengal, Sikkim (4.28%), Kolkata (3.65%).

If so many landlines and mobiles have been surrendered/disconnected in a month, there is something serious with BSNL and its workers. These telephones which are disconnected might have some reasons. For landlines, of course, the major reason may be conversion to mobile. But what about the reduction in mobile itself?

In mobile as well as Broadband we have lost the first position. Our position in the landlines is fast coming down.

We have to face the challenge squarely and make all out efforts to restore our position. We can not become irrelevant in the telecom sector. The allotment of fresh spectrum to private companies after the auction will be another challenge that we will have to face.

Your job, you salary, your future is in danger. Govt. says that BSNL will not be privatised. It is because, they could not answer the many questions raised in the Parliament on the basis of the information/letters submitted by the Forum as part of the Save BSNL Campaign. Tomorrow they can make a turn around and say that there is no need for BSNL and it can either be closed or privatised.

This is a ‘Do or Die’ battle. Let all the 2,26,000 executives and non-executives exert all their energy for improving the services and also pressurising the management and government to assist BSNL for its survival and revival.  SAVE BSNL – SAVE NATION!