Meeting of Telecommunications’ Trade Unions from Europe

Meeting of Telecommunications’ Trade Unions from Europe On Saturday, March 14, took place at the Headquarters of PAME in Athens a meeting of trade union organisations from Telecommunications to discuss the coordination of the workers in the sector against the multinationals.
In the meeting which was hosted by PAME participated the trade union organisations USB from Italy,PEO from Cyprus and CoBas from Spain. The organisations agreed that it is necessary for the fighting trade unions of Europe to coordinate their action in a sector that is dominated by the monopolies, with hundreds of thousands of workers, who are, in majority, working as modern slaves, especially in the huge call centers. At the same time the delegations highlighted issues such as privatizations, the destructive role of the employers’ trade unionism and the persecutions against militant workers.
The organisations agreed in a series of initiatives, with main goal the need to organise a big meeting of the fighting trade unions in telecommunications, IT and call centers, which can be a step for common action. The delegations also talked about the need to open the discussion within the workers and the trade unions for Telecommunications that will not belong to business groups, but they will be property of the people and will guarantee cheap and quality access to the commodity of communication to all people, while at the same time will provide full-time, steady jobs, with full rights to the workers