A lot of reports are coming in the news papers about certain proposal of the Central Government to reduce the retirement age of its employees from 60 to 58. The same kind of news are spread about the retirement age of BSNL Employees also.

It is stated that this will increase employment chances to young generation. It is also mentioned that it will reduce government expenditure. Some other justifications are also spelt out.

We are not in a position to state what exactly is the present position of the government’s proposal. But as far as the employees are concerned, they are completely against the reduction of retirement age from the present 60 to 58. It is to be remembered that when the government increased the retirement age from 58 to 60, it was not the demand of the employees or their unions. It was a decision purely by the Government. In fact, the Confederation of the Central Government Employees and Workers opposed it, stating that it will adversely affect the employment opportunities. Despite the opposition, the government implemented it.

Now, again to restore the 58 as retirement is not practicable. The employees and the unions are opposed to it. The reasons are simple. All the employees,at least those who are going to retire within 5-10 years, have planned the retirement at 60th age and also financial adjustments. They have taken advances, they have planned construction of houses, marriage for their children etc. etc. based on the present retirement age. How all these can be changed in one stroke of the pen? You can reduce the retirement age, if the government is very particular, to only those who are being recruited now. The Pension rules were changed only for the new recruits.

But, if the government proposes to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58, despite all these, the employees are going to resist it. As far as the BSNL employees are concerned there will be serious opposition from the employees and their unions. This attack on the employees will not be tolerated and struggles will be launched.