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Who are supporting Nazism and neo-Nazism is clear from the following report of the adoption of a resolution in the UN General Assembly on 21st November 2014:

“The UN General Assembly on 21st November 2014 adopted a resolution urging countries to adopt more efficient measures to struggle against the glorification  of Nazism and other forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance.

A total of 115 out of 193 UN member-states voted in favor of the document.  Three countries opposed the document – Canada, the United States and Ukraine. Another 55 delegations, including from the European Union countries, abstained. Germany was one of the abstaining.

The resolution expresses concerns over the spread across the world of various extremist political parties, movements and groups, including neo-Nazis as well as racist extremist movements and ideologies.

The text also warns against glorification of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen-SS organization and erecting monuments and memorials to them.”

US and only two of its chamchas still like to bring back the Nazis!