New Delhi, Oct 30 : CPI(M) today targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying all his poll promises like “economic miracles of ‘achche din'” and bringing back black money are turning out to be “completely hollow”.

Noting that the Supreme Court compelled the government to place the list of 627 Indian account holders in a Geneva bank, senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury said the apex court’s “unprecedented” castigation of the government “clearly show that this Modi government is shamelessly trying to protect those who stashed away black money abroad.”

“One after another, all the election promises made by the Prime Minister during his whirlwind nationwide campaign, in a corporate jet, are turning out to be completely hollow – full of bluster and no substance,” he said in an editorial in the upcoming issue of CPI(M) organ ‘People’s Democracy’.

He said the people had seen the “eagerness and enthusiasm of India Inc. in promoting Modi and acting as his ‘cheer leaders’ during the election campaign and even now. They had liberally financed the election campaign in an unprecedented manner.”

“May be, such ‘protection’ that this Modi government is providing to black money hoarders abroad is part of the ‘pay back time’ package for those who have rendered invaluable financial and material support during the election campaign.”

Noting that the government’s “so-called economic miracles and achhe din aanewale hain” had already been exposed, Yechury said, “now it is the turn of the PM’s bluster concerning the claim that his government will ensure that all the illegal black money stashed away in foreign banks in financial havens will be brought back to the country and used to improve the livelihood of the people.”

Along with this, the CPI(M) leader said the ruling BJP was “pursuing their hidden agenda of sharpening communal polarisation as their only way to consolidate the Hindu communal vote bank,” posing serious threat to India’s social unity and integrity.