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The main two ruling parties in the country are Congress and BJP. Congress was the ruling party at the centre for last ten years and BJP is the present ruling party after the general elections.

They have so many things in common. They are full supporters of the New-Economic Policy, they want to change labour laws to suit the corporates and big business, they are anti-left, most of their M.P.s and MLAs are crorepatis and so on.

Now in one more sector they are together; in not submitting the election accounts to the Election Commission. These two national parties have not submitted the accounts, though the stipulated period of three months are over by August. All other national Parties have already submitted their accounts.

We do not know whether an amendment to the Election Commission rules will be brought by the BJP government to the effect that the party in Government need not submit the accounts? It seems probable seeing the large number of amendments being presented in the parliament by the new government.