Vietnam: Asia-Pacific working women meet to push forward the working women movement


With the participation of 23 delegations from 17 countries of the Asia Pacific region and more than 60 women Vietnamese trade unionists from all sectors, the workshop on working women organized by WFTU and VGCL took place for the days 23-25 July 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Muhammed Shaban Azouz, President of the WFTU noted in his opening remarks: “There is no society that can ignore the women’s great role. We support the struggle of the women in order to get all their rights. We call on all bodies in the international community to continue to put pressure on those reactionary systems that ignore the rights of woemn as well as the rights of the society as a whole. We condemn all forms of discrimination between people of diffrent belonging, beliefs and religions. We understand trade union action as a militant action that does not distringuish between man and woman.”

“At this workshop, a lot of information and experience of trade unions from different countries will be exchanged and shared with a view to contributing to ensure employment, ncome and livelihood of women members and wokrers” said the President of VGCL and Vice-President of WFTU, Dang Ngoc Tung.

A video-message of the WFTU General Secretary was presented as well during the opening ceremony.