Solidarity of the Trade Union International of the Pensioners and Retired (TUI of P&R)of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
to the Palestinian workers and to the Palestinian people.
On the name of the millions of members whom it represents, the TUI of P &R of the WFTU announces its total solidarity with the Palestinian people and its profound indignation in front of murderous bombardments of Israel on Gaza.
The TUI of the P&R condemns the criminal state of Israel , responsible of scenes of horrors with their procession of broken lives, of women’s and children’s bodies, burned and ripped,
illustrating the horrible crimes committed by the Israeli army, more than 700 dead people, thousands of wounded persons, hundreds of destroyed houses.
The TUI denounces the United States and the European Union which support, even encourage
the murderers of Palestinian people.
We condemn genocide of the Palestinian people.
The TUI of the P&R demands:
 the immediate stopping of bombardments
 the lifting of the illegal and criminal blockade on Gaza
 the international protection for the Palestinian people
 the liberation of all the Palestinian political prisoners
 the dismantling of colonies and the wall of the apartheid
 the creation of a Palestinian state, with Jerusalem for capital
 that the state of Israel is judged for crime against Humanity
The TUI of P&R expresses its solidarity and its support to the Palestinian workers and to the people. (TUI(P&R)