Despite the protests from the opposition political parties and the employees unions, the BJP Government seems to be determined to proceed with the PPP and Privatisation of the Railways, part by part. First it is the Railway Stations. Through PPP or Privatisation, these stations are going to be entrusted with private companies in the name of modernisation, making more comfortable etc. etc. For whom? For the passengers, of course. But that is the catch. It will be mainly for the high class passengers.
And what the passengers will have to pay? The tea, refreshments will become costly. Newspapers may become costly. Platform Tickets will become costly. All these will go up by twice or thrice. The example of privatised Airports like Delhi and Mumbai are well known. After the Private companies took over the airports from Air-Port Authority of India, the prices of all commodities went up rocket like. The price of tea went up from Rs. 20 to Rs.40-60. that of Coffee went up to Rs. 80 – 120 and refreshments in the same high rates. Even the passengers have to pay airport charges of Rs. 300-400 to higher rates for international travel. Car Parking charges went up from Rs. 20 to 80 or above. Railway passengers may have to pay additional charges for entering the Railway Station. All know the experience of the Toll Roads. Even after the tender period is over, tolls are collected at exorbitant rates.
The BJP Government is advancing on the same neo-liberal policies, which was the path of Congress government. But now more aggressively.
The opposition parties in the parliament have strongly opposed the government proposals for PPP and privatisation. But it should not be limited to parliament alone. Protest should spread over the entire country to compel the government to backtrack.