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The BSNL Management has been issuing arbitrary orders with regard to the recognition of unions and as also on the Council meetings after agreeing for recognition of two unions. Some of these are given below:
1. The Management denied nomination of other union members in the Councils, which has been allowed till now. Hence, many of the council seats are not filled up yet.
2. The Leader and Secretary of the Staff Side are to be elected by the Staff Side till now. Management issued arbitrary orders that the Secretary and Leader Staff Side will be shared by both the unions, instead of the democratically deciding these posts.
3. Equal seats were allotted to both BSNLEU and NFTE in the committees instead of according to proportionate representation.
4. Against the usual convention of mentioning the name of the Main recognised union first, the name of the second union was mentioned in some of the orders.
5. Orders were issued that only working employees are eligible to become members of the Councils.
BSNLEU expressed strong protests in the undemocratic and wrong decisions of these and other related matters. Now the management has corrected their stand on some issues. One, the members in the committees formed by the National Council will be according to the proportionate representation. Accordingly the number of members in the Standing Committee is decided as 3:2 for BSNLEU and NFTE. Secondly the name of the unions are mentioned first the main Recognised Union and then the second recognised union. Thirdly clarifications have been issued now stating that retired employees can also be members of the councils.
In the name of democratic and better functioning the other issues also should be decided and orders issued.