The Resume of Com. Alain Rodriguez, Propaganda Secretary is given below:

Alain RODRIGUEZ’s resume

Propaganda secretary at the international grouping of unions ( UIS ) of pensioners and retirees of the global union federation ( FSM )

Alain RODRIGUEZ, born June 26, 1949 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
My father was Spanish. He arrived in France in 1939 as a political refugee and victim of Francoism. He occupied at first the position of lumberjack, then farmer, then municipal employee in Issoire. My mother was a French farmer.
I have the French and Spanish citizenship. I stopped my studies at 14 to work as a farm laborer until the age of 18.
In 1967, the national railway company (SNCF) hired me as an equipment agent. In 2004, I took my retirement at age 55.
I held several union positions at the Railway managers and technicians Federation from 1967 to 2004:
– organizing secretary of the union of Clermont-Ferrand
– Member of the area office at Clermont-Ferrand
– Secretary of the equipment agents collective at Clermont-Ferrand
– Executive member of equipment agents national collective at the railway federation
– Secretary of the committees of establishment of equipment agents at Clermont-Ferrand and Montlucon
– Secretary of committee on health, safety and working conditions (CHSCT) of equipment agents at Clermont-Ferrand
– staff representative for the equipment agents at Clermont-Ferrand
– Member of work committee at Clermont-ferrand’s area

Since 2004 :
– Member of the Clermont-ferrand’s union’s retirees.
– Member of the grouping of retiree’s unions (USR)
– Treasurer at the local union of Issoire’s railway federation ( CGT )

Political functions
– Secretary of Communist Youth in Issoire from 1964 to 1969
– officer of the French section of the Communist Party of Issoire 1964-1979
– member of the section committee of the French communist party of Clermont-Ferrand from 1979 to 1995
– Treasurer of the railway unit from 1982 to 1985
– delegate to the Congress of the French Communist Party (PCF) in 1994

In 2007, I have joined the Revolutionary Communist League (LCR)
In 2009, I participated in the creation of the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) which I am still a member.

April 19, 2014