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Three senior leaders of BSNLEU are retiring today, 31st December 2013, from service on superannuation after, meritorious service of more than three and half decades. They are Com. P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, R.L.Moudgil, AGS and Com. P.C.Kandpal, CS Uttarakhand.
All these three leaders have been in the forefront of the union activities for a very long period, strengthened the organisation, sacrificed themselves for the cause of the workers and are still in top positions in BSNLEU. They are the leading lights of the movement.

I wish all these three comrades a very Happy Family Life as also very active leadership role in the days to come, not only in BSNLEU but also in the movement of the toiling masses and the common people!

Red Salute Comrades, on this day when you retire from the service on superannuation!