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For the last one month since the Indian diplomat in US, Devyani Khobragade, was strip-searched as part of the US security routine, the angry Govt. of India has taken retaliatory measures against US diplomats in India by curtailing / cancelling additional privileges granted to them earlier. The GOI has withdrawn the Special Airport Passes, cancelled the special ID cards issues earlier, removed the barricades erected in front of the US Embassy for security etc. Now Nancy Powell, US Ambassador to India cancelled her trip to Nepal, probably due to the cancellation of the special air-port passes, which may result in routine security searches.
So far so good. Retaliation was of course necessary. But why did the government of India grant all these out of the way benefits,facilities and special considerations to the US Diplomats and relatives, when the same was not extended to the Indian counterparts? Also when even the President of India and Ministers visiting US is insulted by security searches, why was the GOI sitting calm and was silent? It was as a result of the servitude to the US, the biggest power in the world. This servitude has to end now and forever. The slavery of about two centuries under Britain has lowered the prestige and self respect of the present Indian rulers. This has to change. India is also a sovereign country and is not less than any other country, US or UK.
Let the Devyani incident be the roadmap for a new relation based on mutual respect and equal treatment to the citizens of all countries.