A meeting of the Steering Committee for Central Public Sector Trade Unions (CPSTU) is scheduled to be held on 1-2 February 2014 at CITU Centre, B.T.R. Bhawan, New Delhi to discuss and finalise the immediate issues and tasks before Public Sector Union movement.

The Public Sector is being attacked by the UPA-II government as never before. To weaken the PSU Banks, the government has decided to grant permission to Corporates to open banks. Disinvestment and privatisation of many PSUs are in the offing. The cash reserve of the profitable PSUs are being taken away by government by increasing the % of dividend to be paid by the PSUs. In the name of reforms, labour laws are being liberalised to favour the corporates and big business. Recruitment of regular workers are stopped/curtailed and contract workers are engaged who are not even paid minimum wages. Labour laws are not implemented, but blatantly violated. Bonus is being denied. Many other issues are pending settlement for a long time.
Naturally all these issues as also the task of continuing the struggles are expected to be discussed in the meeting. CPSTU has always been in the forefront of the struggles of the Public Sector workers.