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The demand of the Central Trade Unions that ‘Minimum Wages of not less than Rs.10,000 -per month with provisions of indexation’ is the correct and fully justified demand. This was raised in the 10 Point Charter of Demands by the Central Trade unions two years back on which sustained agitational programmes have been organised. The 48 hours strike on 20-21 February 2013, the National Convention of Workers on 6th August and the latest Parliament March on 12th December 2013 are all part of these struggles.
The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the 45th Session of Indian Labour Conference held on 17th May 2013 had stated that the demands raised by the Central Trade Unions are mostly undisputed and unexceptionable and are the in the advanced stage of consideration by the Government. The Committee headed by Defence Minister A.K.Antony, which again met the leaders of the Central Trade Unions on 22nd May 2013 assured quick decisions, but nothing happened so far.
The Memorandum submitted by the CTUs after the massively participated Parliament March on 12th December has urged the Government to act upon the commitment made by the Prime Minister. It also stated that ‘ The Trade Union movement can not accept the present state of inaction and indifference on the pressing demands of the workers and people lying down and will heighten their united struggle in the face of continuing unresponsiveness’.
The minimum wages of not less than Rs. 10,000 for the workers is one of the major demands in the Charter. The Casual/Contract workers in BSNL will fully participate in these united struggles under the leadership of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation which is part of this great movement for the rights of the workers and people.
Strengthen BSNLCCWF by all the casual/contract workers joining the Federation and becoming active members.