Decisions of the Meeting of the Forum held on 27th November 2013
A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations was held on 27th November 2013 at BSNL MS office, New Delhi. Com. Suresh Kumar, GS BSNLMS presided.
Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener, Forum, welcomed all the participants. He briefed the house about the developments after the last meeting of the Forum. The agenda for the meeting was approved and items one after another discussed.
1. National Convention on “Revival of Bonus” on 3rd August 2013 and connected activities
The Convener reported that the Declaration adopted in the National Convention was forwarded to all the Members of the Group of Ministers on ” Revival of BSNL”. It was also sent to all the Chief Ministers with special request that mandate be given to the government departments and state PSUs to take telecom services from BSNL only. A few Chief Ministers have acknowledged and replied to the Forum letter.
About 100 Members of Parliament (including Ministers), belonging to different political parties have been adressed by the Forum, enclsoing the Declaration adopted by the Convention and seeking their support and also requesting to take up the issues with the Central government. About some 10 MPs have written and copy supplied to the Forum.
Forum has also written to all the Central Trade Unions seeking their support and for taking up the issue with the government. They were personally met at the National Convention of Workers which was held under the auspices of the 11 Central Trade Unions on 6th August at New Delhi, who fully supported our demands.
Forum also addressed letters enclosing the Declaration to all the Chief General Managers of Telecom Circles for support in improving the serrvices and strengthening BSNL.
As per the decision of the Forum, Circle Conventions on “Revival of BSNL” have been conducted successfully in Kerala and UP(East) so far and All India leaders of BSNL Unions/Associations addressed the same. The Convener was authorised to contact the Circle Conveners for getting the Circle Conventions held at the earliest.
It was also decided to make all efforts to meet the members of the GoM on “Revival of BSNL” together or separately to present our views, suggestions etc.
The Accounts of the National Convention held on 3rd August 2013 was presented by the Convener. The quota received from the Unions/Associations was Rs. 1,02,000/- while the Expenditure was Rs. 1,32,415/-. The Accounts were adopted and it was decided to collect further quota from all the unions to make up the shortage.
2. Meeting of CMD with the Unions/Associations on 30th November 2013.
The Forum has been demanding meeting with the BSNL Management on issues facing BSNL and for strengthening the PSU for a very long time. Now the CMD has called all the unions/associations for a meeting on 30th November 2013 to discuss these issues. The issues to be focussed in the meeting was discussed by the Forum. It was decided to hold a meeting of the Core Committee at 03.00 PM on 28th November at Room.No.706(NC Room) in BSNL C.O. to finalise the main points to be focussed.
3. Parliament March on 12th December 2013.
It was reiterated that as per the earlier decision,maximum workers are to be mobilised for the Parliament March on 12th December by the unions/associations.
4. Conciliation by CLC on BSNL / MTNL issues.
The conciliation on the BSNL issues were closed in the meeting held on 17-10-2013 . The meeting on the MTNL issues are fixed on 3rd December 2013.
The meeting came to an end after vote of thanks by the Chair.