The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations will be meeting on 9th October 2013 (at 1600 hours ) at BSNLMS Office to review the developments after the National Convention of BSNL Employees held on 3rd August 2013 and also to plan further activities for the Revival of BSNL.
After the Convention was held, the Forum has addressed letters to about 100 prominent Members of Parliament, including Ministers, enclosing the Declaration adopted in the National convention and requesting them to pressurise the government to provide support to the telecom PSUs, BSNL and MTNL and also for solidarity and support. All the Chief General Managers of BSNL Circles also have been addressed enclosing the suggestions/proposals for the Revival of Bonus and seeking their active participation in the same.
The Forum has also written to the Chief Ministers of all the states requesting their support and also requesting to mandate that the state government departments and state PSUs should get all communications connections provided from BSNL/MTNL. Secretary Generals/General Secretaries of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, AIRF, NFIR, Federations/Unions of Bank, Insurance, Defence, State Government Employees and others have also been addressed and many of them personally met for support and solidarity in our effort to strengthen BSNL. Heads of PSUs are also being addressed for their support to the telecom PSUs.
These themselves are not sufficient. All the employees of BSNL should become the Ambassadors/ publicity agents of BSNL and give wide publicity to the projects and plans of BSNL.
More than that, the image of the BSNL services has to be changed for the better with more committed service.
The General elections are coming, when one and all will be listening to the manifestos of the various parties. We have to approach them and convince them the necessity of focussing the need for a better telecom service and improving BSNL, its services and financial viability. We can not miss this golden opportunity.
The Works Committees as SSA level, where the union representatives are also present should be utilised maximum to ensure better service to the customers and expansion.
The state level conventions to explain the situation and the decisions of the National Convention should be well planned and executed with maximum participation.
All these issues will naturally come for the discussion in the meeting of the Forum on 9th October..