I am giving below an e-mail received from Com. C.K.Gundanna, Circle Secretary BSNLEU and circle President Non-Permanent Workers Union (BSNLCCWF). Under the leadership of Com.Gundanna as President and Com. Mahantesh as Circle secretary of BSNLCCWF, they organised many agitations of the casual/contract workers and achieved many gains. Now they have been able to get reinstatement of 4 comrades who were retrenched for TU activities. Congratulations to all our Karnataka Comrades!

Letter from Com.Gundanna.
Respected Comrades,

The BSNL Non Permanent Workers Union of Karnataka Circle is opening one more district level branch on Sunday the 29th September 2013 at Hubli-Dharwar.
The first conference of BSNL NPWU Dharwad district will be inaugurated by Com. Gundanna ,Cir.Sec., BSNLEU.
Com. Mahantesh,Gen.Sec., BSNL NPWU, Com.Praveen Badiger, Circle Org.Sec., BSNL NPWU, B.I.Iligera,Dist.Sec., CITU,Com. Mahesh Pattar,Dist,.Gen.Sec., CITU, Com.Harish Doddamani,Dist.President BSNLEU,Com.Uday Jerimalli, Dist.Sec., BSNLEU, will be present during the inaugual function.
Com. R H Aai, Hon.President,CITU Dharwar Dist., and EX – Senior leader of AIIEA will be presiding over the inaugural function.

(2) On 2nd & 3rd October 2013, a State level trade union class has been organised for BSNL NPWU at Raichur. The BSNLEU Circle and Raichur Dist., is taking full responsibility of organising the T U Class in association with C I T U Karnataka State.
The T U class will be inaugurated by Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.G.S., BSNLEU on 2nd Oct. .at Com. P.Mukundan memorial Auditorium at Raichur.
Com. K N Umesh, Secretary,C I T U Karnataka State,Com. Prasanna Kumar,Gen.Secretary, C I T U Karnataka State,Com. K Mahantesh, Gen.Sec., BSNL NPWU Karnataka State, Com. C K Gundanna Cir.Sec., BSNLEU Karnataka Circle will take the T U Classes on 2nd and 3rd October.

(3) On 3rd October, 2013, the BSNLEU North Karnataka Dist, Units, comprising of Dist.Unions of Bidar,Gulburga,Raichur and Bellary will have a seperate meeting of BSNLEU, which will be addressed by Com. Animesh Mitra,Dy.GS., Com. M C Balakrishna,All India Org.Sec., Com.Gundannack Cir.Sec., and Com.Prasanna Kumar,Gen.Sec., CITU Karnataka State

Four Contract workers including Dist.Sec., of BSNL NPWU, Com. Kallappa were removed from service about six months ago, without any reason. Com. Namboodiri addressed this issue to our PGM HR and A also, during a day long Circle level dharana by BSNL NPWU workers in front of CGM Office on 28th August 2013. A case was also pending in labour court pleading re instatement of all the four workers. After our Dharna, the CGM office conducted an enquiry by sending the AGM Genl to Bidar and that report was also in favour of the four workers who got removed. On 25th September, the Bidar Dist., BSNL NPWU workers went on day long dharana in front of TDM Bidar Office,which was totally supported and addressed by dist level leaders of BSNLEU and the CITU. A good coverage was given to the actual facts and also about the dharana conducted at Bidar by local print media. Finally, the TDM agreed to reinstate all the four contract (House keeping) workers w e f 30th September 2013. This is the greatest achievement of our Circle level Dharna on 28th August followed by Dist.level dharana on 25th Sept, 2013.
Copy of the re instatement order issued by TDM Bidar is also attached to this mail for your information.
with regards,
cir.president BSNL NPWU