It has become a habit of the foreign corporates to ignore the rules and regulations of the government of India and simply violate it. And finally they win, the government succumbs to their pressures.

The Income tax department assessed more than 10,000 crores arrears on the Vodafone and issued notice for payment. The latter simply ignored it first. Then it said that it can not pay and will approach the International Court. The Government of India bent its knee and had approached the MNC for negotiation. What will happen in the negotiation? There is no doubt that the govt. will at last surrender and exempt the MNC from paying tax.
Now it is the turn of the Walmart. The government has stipulated that there would be 30% procurement from small industries. Walmart now says that they can not agree to this condition and that it has got to be waived. The government, of course, will bend again. This is the UPA government.