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It is reported by PTI quoting the SBI Chairman Pratip Chaudhari that the State Bank of India will be recruiting 10,000 employees in 2012-13. He also stated that about 7,500 will be retiring. It means that SBI will get an additional staff of 2,500. SBI Chairman also mentioned that another 20,000 Asst. Grade employees were recruited last year.

The banking sector was in acute shortage of staff due to the VRS implemented earlier. Now all the banks have started recruitment. It is estimated that more than 60,000 employees will be recruited in the PSU Banks this year.

This is a good decision. It is time that BSNL should think about recruitment to induct new blood. This can be done by regularising the casual/contract labour working for many years, appointment on compassionate grounds and also direct recruitment.  It is to be noted that almost 15,000 workers are retiring every year and more than 1,30,000 had already retired since 2000. About 30,000 only has been so far recruited that too mainly in TTA and JTO cadre. Recruitment in other cadres are also necessary.