Yesterday, 19th March, along with other comrades, I have gone and met Shri Umashankar, Joint Secretary (T), DOT to enquire about the refund of the BWA spectrum charges, since the spectrum has already been vacated by BSNL. We were told that the government (means Finance) has not taken any decision so far despite requests for the same by the DOT. In the same way, the allotted amount of Rs. 1500 crore in lieu of ADC also has not been released by the Finance Ministry despite demand from the USOF and the DOT. This is the information that we could understand from our meetings with the Administrator USO Fund as also from the Additional Secretary, DOT a few days back.

Why Finance is sitting tight on the funds? It is the fund that is to be paid to the BSNL. BSNL is in financial difficulty. Even GPF Advances are being delayed. There is difficulty for procuring equipments. In such circumstances the casual way in which the Finance Ministry is dealing with the issue is completely unacceptable.

The Finance Minister has to immediately look in to the matter and release the funds for he BSNL, before the Financial year is over.