It was  red sea spread over the Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi in the morning of today, 19th March 2013. People who have come from all parts of India to participate in the Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha organised under the auspices of the CPI(M) were waiting patiently for the starting of the Rally. They have come even from far away places after one or two days journey. The pandal erected for the participants to sit were decorated with red flags and and banners of the party.

On one side of the pandal, the stage was constructed which was high enough for all the people to watch. The stage was decorated with red flags and banners, and also the demands raised in the Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha. The leaders of the CPI(M) along with the leaders of other Left parties were in the stage.

By about 11.30 hours the meeting started. Com. Prakash Karat, General Secretary CPI(M) and the Leader of the Eastern Jatha started from Kolkata, inaugurated the rally. He spoke on the major crucial demands raised in the Sangharsh Sandesh Jathas viz. The Right to Food, The Right to Education and Employment, The Right to Health Facilities and cheap medicines, The Right to House sites and for land reform and the Right to a life free from discrimination on the basis of caste, community and gender. He briefly explained the  experience of the jatha. Coms. S.Ramachandran Pillai, Brinda Karat and Sitaram Yechury,  Leaders of the Kanyakumari, Mumbai and Amritsar Jathas respectively also spoke and narrated the inspiring experiences and the reception by the people in many places on the way. When Com. Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister of Tripura, whose fantastic victory in the recent assembly elections have enthralled the people, started addressing there was spontaneous clapping. Com.  Biman Basu also addressed.The Rally concluded after Com. Prakash Karat announced the programme of dharna, demonstration, picketing of central/state govt. offices etc. in May 2013 as a contiuation of the Jatha.

Today is the 15th Death Anniversary of Com.EMS Namboodiripad,  former General Secretary of the Party, and it is appropriate that the Rally is conducted on this day itself.

It was a well disciplined rally, despite a huge gathering. The Red volunteers guided the people to sit and move around. Except the PBMs, Leaders of left Parties and the speakers, other leaders were sitting below in special places arranged for them. Along with Coms. K.G.Jayaraj and Adhir Kumar Sen, I was sitting near the stage and could watch the proceedings clearly. My thanks to the Red Volunteers, who even brought tea and biscuits for us.

The issues raised in the Rally are most vital to build a New India free from hunger and with good health and education. It is the duty each and every person to work and struggle for ensuring the same to the toiling masses of the country.

Let Us March forward to build a New India!