Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and the revolutionary and popular leader died today at Caracas after a two years battle with cancer. he was 58. Chavez was the President of Venezuela for uniterrupted 14 years winning all the elections despite many conspiracies by the US and other imperialist countries to defeat him.He had only returned a few days back from Cuba after continued treatment for cancer. He had 4 operations for cancer in the last two years. Vice-President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela announced the death in a televised speech.”It’s a moment of deep pain,” he announced in a choking voice.
Chavez was one of the most popular leaders the world has ever seen and his death will devastate millions of his followers who adored him, his people-friendly decisions, nationalisation of MNCs including oil companies and also subsidized food and free health clinics in the country side. His death will be mourned by the entire world.
I also express my deep grief at the sad demise of this Great Socialist leader and convey heartfelt condolences to the people of Venezuela in their great loss!
Red Salute to Com. Hugo Chavez!