What is happening to the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, the state government PSU? It is stated that there is huge loss every day and that more than 1000/2000 trips are being cancelled every day.
Road Transport services are a public utility service and has to run effectively. In Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and A.P. states, the other three southern states, the State Road transports are stated to be running well and with profits. THen why KSRTC is in loss. It is reported that whenever LDF comes in to power KSRTC is in profit and when UDF comes it is in loss. If this is correct, there seems to be a planned move to make KSRTC a loss making PSU and close it or sell it to help the private transport companies.
The Government, the Management and the workers and their unions should sit together and find out ways and means to improve the KSRTC and strengthen it as also provide better service.