The Central Executive Committee of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation held at Hazaribagh on 3rd November 2012 has given call to organise March to GM Offices on 12th December 2012 all over the country demanding settlement of the long pending issues of the casual and contract workers in BSNL like Regularisation of Casual Labour and TSM, Wages on IDA basis to casual labour, Minimum Wage to Contract Workers, Implementation of Social Security Measures etc. Despite clear orders by Government and Corporate Management on many of these issues, all are more violated than implemented at the field level. The workers are inhumanly exploited and their rights denied. BSNL Management refuses regularisation on flimsy pleas. The CEC of BSNLCCWF, considering all these has decided to resort to agitational programmes.

The first programme is the March to GM’s Office on 12th December. In January 2013, March to CGM’s office will be organised, the date for which will be decided by the Circle Union.

BSNL Employees union has fully supported and extended solidarity to the programme. The March is to be organised in consultation with BSNLEU at the field level.

Struggle for Unity, Unity for Struggle and Unity and Struggle for progress!