The inhuman economic blockade of Cuba started by US in 1962 is still continuing causing irreparable loss and damage  to the people of Cuba. Despite the large majority of the countries have condemned the US for the blockade, the US Government is not prepared to lift the unjustified and barbaric blockade. The recent session of the UN General Assembly with huge majority once again condemned US for the blockade. There were only two countries to support the US  – Israel and Palau. Two other countries – Micronesia and Marshall Island abstained. Except these five countries, including US, all other countries unequivocally condemned the blockade.

Cuban people are put to acute sufferings due to the blockade. Due to the US blockade, other countries are not allowed to do business and trade with this small island nation. It is estimated that Cuba has lost more than 1,066 trillion dollars due to the blockade. The health care and the agricultural sector are seriously affected. Foodstuff has to be purchased from distant countries resulting in very high expenditure. The crime of Cuba is that it achieved its independence defeating the imperialist forces and adopted the socialist path.

Cuba’s five young men are in US jails. Their only crime is that they exposed certain secret missions of the US and its henchmen to attack Cuba and capture the country. It is the fundamental right and duty of all to ensure the safety of their mother/fatherland. That only is what they did.

The people all over the world are demanding that the blockade of Cuba be lifted and the Cuban Five are released. The US should accept the world opinion and end the blockade and free the Cuban Five.