During my stay in UK I found that the British are very much eager and anxious to keep their traditions and historical monuments safely and with respect. They also have a methodical way of maintaining written documents about  these.Whether it is about a place, a building, a village church or anything like that. Even constructing a building in the village has to be according to the tradition of that area. The large number of museums and memorials are also in the same line. A lot of tourists are also coming from all countries to visit these places.

But what about our own country, India? Take the instance of Delhi alone. It was the capital of 7 or 8 dynasties and each had their separate capitals with forts and other connected buildings etc. During the growth and expansion of Delhi, many of these have been demolished, vandalised, occupied and also constructions made on these. It is the same with many historical things.

We, Indians, have to change our attitude and keep things for the future generations.