London has been in preparation for the Olympic Games for the last four years or more, though the same is to be held in July 2012. Almost every arrangement is finalised months back, before the games. Wherever you go, you can see the publicity for the same. The newspapers and media are full of reports about the coming event and the chance for UK in the various events. The opportunity is being used as a platform for improving the image of the country amongst the world nations.

Compare what happened in India in connection with the preparation for the Common Wealth Games two years back? Of course, there was wide publicity, but publicity for the worst. Despite money lavishly spent, the arrangements were not ready till the last-minute. Thousands of crore of rupees were pocketed by unscrupulous persons  in the State Government, the Organising Committee and all committees connected  with the games. The country  was shamed before the entire world.

It is high time that India and the its people should act  and act decisively against corruption and the culprits involved.