On 31st May, today, various parties have given call for Bandh, rallies, protest demonstrations, rasta roko and other programmes of struggles against the intolerable petrol price hike, which will escalate the prices of all essential commodities. During the last few years of the UPA government, the price of petrol has been hiked more than 15 times, making the price almost double.

Who gets benefit out of imposing this burden on the common people and the working class? It is the private and PSU Oil Companies and the Central and State governments. The real price of petrol is only about half, the other half being the customs duty, taxes etc. The government which should subsidise the poor for their daily requirements is subsidising the rich and corporates to amass wealth at the same time imposing high tax on petrol and other essential commodities.

Tha is why not only the opposition parties including the Left Parties, but also even allies of the government have come to the streets. Most of the trade unions have called for demonstrations and other  forms of agitation.

BSNLEU has given call for participating in the protest demonstrations and other protest programmes.

In addition, the protest demonstrations on our own demands, which the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations also have to be implemented effectively. If the Forum programme could not be organised due to Bandh etc. today, it is to be organised tomorrow, 1st June 2012.