Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple, in Kerala, is one of the famous temples in the whole country. It is visited by thousands of people every day. All Hindus, irrespective of caste, are allowed entry. But this was not the case earlier. Only caste Hindus were allowed entry.
On 1st November 1931, Comrade A.K.Gopalan, veteran communist leader and later the opposition leader in the first Parliament, led a jatha to the temple and sat on hunger satyagraha for days together demanding entry of the temple to all castes of Hindu religion. He was attacked and severely beaten up by the high caste Hindus, but he continued his satyagraha. The satyagraha had great impact.The Kochin Raja and the temple authorities were compelled to open the temple to all Hindus as a result of the agitation.
The agitation was supported by Mahatma Gandhi and leaders of the Independence movement.