According to the report of the National Crime Records Bureau on ‘Accident Deaths and Suicides in India’, it is stated that 2,56,913 farmers committed suicide during the period of 16 years from 1995 to 2010; on an average more than 16,000 suicides in a year.It means 43 suicides in a day! Maharashtra leads the suicides with more than 50,000 followed by Karnataka, A.P., M.P. and Chhattisgarh, which in total counts to 2/3 of the total suicides in the country.
Before and immediately after Independence the Congress had declared about implementation of land reforms. But it utterly failed to implement any land reforms worth its name. Wherever reforms have been introduced by the Congress, opportunity was given to the big landlords and zamindars to keep all their lands in their hands by dubious ways. It was the Kerala Government under the EMS Ministry in 1957 which boldly introduced the land reforms which changed the entire situation in the state. Through an advance Ordinace, all land transactions were stopped till the land reforms were completed. In W.Bengal also later, the Left Front Government introduced the Land Reforms. It is to be noted that in the last LDF rule in Kerala, an end could be put to the farmers’ suicides.
What actually has happened in the country is a sorry state of affairs. The lands of the farmers were confiscated by the big land owners and zamindars forcibly and by cheating. Since there is no effective arrangement for giving loans to the farmers, they had to depend upon the private bankers and greedy sharks who grabbed the land when the farmers could not repay the loans. The governments did not do any thing to help the farmers. The present situation is a shame on the governments’ policy.
The farmer who tills the land and produce the food for the country is compelled to leave his family and life itself! How cruel. The struggle of the peasants and the agricultural workers have to be supported by all for a better future for the country itself.