Despite the fact, that the thousands of casual and contract labour engaged in BSNL are being ruthlessly explloited and all statutory rights denied, is well known to the Government, DOT, Labour Department and BSNL top management, why it is not corrected and genuine issues of the workers not settled?
This, to say the least is most shameful and condemnable.
As the Prsident of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation, I have approached the Prime Minister, Communication Minister, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour, Chief Labour Commissioner, Secretary DOT, CMD BSNL and all others connected with the issues. All has assured to do justice to the workers. Government has issued orders on minimum wages, BSNL has endorsed it, BSNL has issued orders for implementation of social security benefits to the casual and contract workers etc. etc. But they are not implemented at least in 90% of the places.
I have written to the Prime minister, Communications Minister, Labour Minister, Chief Labour Commissioner, Secretary DOT and CMD BSNL again. It is their responsiblity to get implemented their own orders by the field level officers and the contractors. Workers are on struggle in many places. If the authorities keep silence, the struggles will be intensified.