The first Communist Ministry under E.M.S.Namboodiripad in Kerala was dismissed by the Nehru Government on 31st July 1959. As every body, including Congress leaders, will admit now, it was a clear case of murder of democracy.
After the formation of Kerala as a separate state on reorganisation of States on 1st November 1956, the first election to the state was held in 1957. The Communist Party of India won the election with only a slim majority of two seats, out of 127 seats it won 60 seats with 5 independents supported by it. The entire world pointed out it as the first communist victory through democratic elections. There was reluctance on the part of the Central Government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru to accept this defeat and allow the government to be formed. The Congress party under the Presidentship of Indira Gandhi made all efforts for getting some defection from the Communist ranks, but utterly failed even to snatch away the independents. The Government was formed with E.M.S.Namboodiripad as the Chief Minister.
The first Communist ministry in Kerala within months started effective legislation on Land reforms, education system and also on the labour front. It was implementing land reforms which the Congress governments had promised but not implemented any where in India. It was a fool proof Land Reforms Act that the government passed, through issuance of an ordinance even before the bill was moved in the assembly.All these angered not only the congress government but also the feudal and communal forces which had vested interests against the education and agrarian reforms.
Indira Gandhi, then Congress President, managed to combine all the anti-communist forces and tried to defect some of the independents but failed. It was then that the ‘Vimochana Samaram’, the so called ‘liberation movement’ started. Utilising this opportunity the Central Government dismissed the EMS Government under Article 356 of the Constitution, even though there was no justification. Incidentaly, this was probably the first occasion of dismissal under Article 356, which the Central Government misused many times later to dismiss state governments which it did not like.
It is 52 years on 31st July 2011, after that massacre of democracy by the then Congress government. The first EMS government was one of the best government Kerala has ever seen.